Calcute is more evolved than regular calculators. It is in fact an expression evaluator. Unlike limited hand-held devices where numbers disappear as soon as you enter the next one, Calcute lets you enter a complete Advanced Freeware Calculator expression as if you were using a regular text editor. You can see what you are doing so you can easily make corrections. Simply type what you want to calculate, press Enter to get the answer. The calculator keypad can remain hidden or it can be shown if you prefer to click buttons with the mouse instead of typing.

You can stretch the display area to any size in order to retain and review past calculations, as if this were a paper tape calculator. But here you can also go back up the tape, edit past expressions and re-calculate them. You can even retain your work by saving everything to a file, to be restored later.

A number of interesting features are present in this little tool. Browse the site to learn about them, or just download the software and try it out. It's free!



Calcute 6.4.8